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Bear Mobi
Digital media company providing programmatic video and display advertisement to reach right audience in a right place

About us
As a team of first class professionals, inspired by technologies, we help brands to grow their awareness using Video and Display ads with o-RTB technology

Like a wave magic wand antifraud tools will detect fraud (Protected Media, WhiteOps, IAS, Forensiq and Pixalate)

Support of dedicated managers to get first-rate upshot

Get jewel benefit from high-quality supply from all over the world

As a publisher make business with us

Monetize with us your Video inventory to best CPMs

Premium Brand Advertisers

Matching on geography, vertical, type for your advertising space

Fast and proper optimiszations to get only best earnings

Most popular and custom native advertising formats

For Advertisers

Connect with engaged users to ramp up your revenue

Transparent media sources
Programmatic touch
Mobile and Desktop - cross screen support
Bot and Fraud prevention technologies
VAST, VPAID, oRTB and additional service upon request
Analytics and result driven approach for business

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Feel free to reach us we are open for questions and propositions

Buzludzha str 18, floor 2, Varna 9000, Bulgaria
+35 987 687 13 98